About - Stephen Zhang's Art

Stephen Zhang was born in China. He graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in China. He then received his MFA degree from University of North Texas, USA. Stephen has worked in the U.S. as an artist and a creative executive in branding and design. He has exhibited in the U.S., China, and Japan. His work has been awarded by Chinese National Art Exhibition, Watercolor USA, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Portrait Society of America, Infiniti National Art Competition, as well as numerous international design competitions.

Among different media, Stephen has a special connection with watercolor, as it bridges Eastern and Western artistic traditions. The fluidity, unpredictability, and surprises in watercolor are embodiments of Chinese Taoism that he believes. In watercolor he experiences the tensions between complexity and simplicity, controlling and letting go, external and internal, permanent and temporary, subjects and objects,…

Stephen's art comes from within and touches the soul of the viewer. He believes that each person or place has a unique story and possesses unique spirit. Stephen's painting process brings these stories and the spirit to life.

Stephen's paintings always start with something that moves him, and then they begin to find their own paths and take their own forms. Therefore, each of his work is a result of the unique discovery, arduous journey, and spontaneous endeavor. Through his art, Stephen aims to create a world in which people can be lost, feel refreshed, and find solace.

Exhibitions and Awards:

Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition. October–December, 2017

Grand Prize. International Artist Magazine Landscape Competition, August 2017

Art Olympia 2017. Toshima, Japan. June, 2017

Transparent Watercolor Society of America 2017 Annual National Exhibition. John Singer Sargent Award. June–August, 2017.

American Watercolor Society 150th Annual International Exhibition. April, 2017

Solo Exhibition “Flow”. Artists Showplace, Dallas, TX. February, 2017 

Texas Top Ten Competition. Winner. January, 2017

Portrait Society of America International Portrait Competition. Certificate of Excellence. 2015

Transparent Watercolor Society of America Annual Exhibition. Skyledge Award. 2015

Group Show “Rob Erdle, His Students, His Influence”. Denton, TX. 2014

Watercolor U.S.A. Annual Exhibition. 2012

Group Show “Watermarks II”. Plano, TX. 2008

Group Show “Five Watercolor Artists”. 798, Beijing China. 2007

Group Show “International Watercolor Exhibition”. Niigata, Japan 2005

Group Show “International Watercolor Exhibition”. Niigata, Japan 2004

Group Show “Watercolor Now! 2003” by Watercolor USA Honor Society. Springfield, MO. 2003

Watercolor U.S.A. Annual Exhibition. Greg G. Thielen Memorial Award. 2002

Group Show “Watermark”. Plano, TX. 2001

Infiniti National Art Competition. First Prize. 1992

Solo Exhibition “Memory of China”, University of North Texas, Denton, TX. 1991

The 7th Chinese National Art Exhibition. 1989

Publication Features:

• Watercolor Artist Magazine. Oct., 2017

• International Artist Magazine. Aug./Sept., 2017

• Interview by “Classic Cafe” on Classical WRR 101.1 FM (a classical music radio station in Dallas). January, 2017

• Feature article “Stephen Zhang, Painting Venice on a Run of Water" (Stephen Zhang Figer la Sérénissime au fil de l’eau). French magazine Pratique des Arts issue 129. September, 2016

• Feature article “A Brush with Life”. Watercolor Artist Magazine. December 2015

• On-line article “Stephen Zhang Watercolor Portraits: A Brush with Everyday Life”. Artistnetwork.com. Oct. 2, 2015

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